Project DeStress

Exploring & creating urban places, SuDS, & soundscapes: their impact on your health & wellbeing

Environment Simulator

The environment simulator is an interactive tool which enables people to explore two places virtually. People can design either an urban square or an urban park by choosing the material the buildings are made from, the facilities there (e.g. cafes), how much nature is there, and how many people and vehicles are there. Once designed, people will experience how their place would look and sound before choosing to answer a few questions on how their designed place made them feel or what they would like to do there. People’s responses will help us further understand the relationship between our built environment, the soundscape within it (what you hear), and its impact on our health and wellbeing.

Currently the environment simulator is being transferred to this website from it’s previous location. We’re hoping to get the full simulator up and running in a month or two, so please check back in the near future.

In the meantime, here is a sneak preview of the urban square. In this video, to give you an idea of the differences in designs people can create, the video transitions between three scenarios, ranging from low, medium and high levels of traffic, vegetation and people. The video is designed to be watched with headphones for the full effect although you can use your computer speakers. This video has not been calibrated so you may need to turn the volume up a little to start with as it starts quietly, but don’t turn it up too loud, as it will get louder as the video progresses, and we don’t want you to damage your hearing!.

Don’t forget to check back in the future so you can have a go at designing your own place and discovering how it will sound and what the implications could be for your health and wellbeing.