Project DeStress

Exploring & creating urban places, SuDS, & soundscapes: their impact on your health & wellbeing

And so it begins

Marketta Kytta
Professor Marketta Kyttä
office standing desk with computer screen showing DeStress website
Desk while working at Aalto University

Yesterday February 13th 2018, Project Destress formally began. So there is more than love in the air today, there is excitement, enthusiasm, and motivation to begin work on this great project. In the coming months DeStress will be recruiting a Postdoctoral Research Assistant and a PhD student to help understand how urban soundscapes and the design of urban environments can influence peoples health and wellbeing.

The first project task invovles Dr Sarah Payne meeting with project partner Professor Marketta Kyttä at Alto University to discuss the creation of a public mapping survey to help identify quiet and calm areas in our cities. I’m looking forward to the collaboration and the real work beginning!

Aalto University